Hi, I'm Monique

Author | Speaker | Coach | Entrepreneur | Influencer

Hi, I'm Monique

Author | Speaker | Coach | Entrepreneur | Influencer

Welcome to a space where your personal and professional aspirations find their path to reality. Here, Monique Davis blends her expertise as an Author, Speaker, Coach, and Entrepreneur to nurture and empower both individuals and teams. Influence isn't just a buzzword – it's about making a real difference and helping others grow. As a dedicated wife and mom, Monique brings warmth and genuine care into everything she does, from guiding her clients to sharing life lessons in her writing. Join us in exploring how Monique blends her passion for helping people and teams with practical, everyday actions. This is where purpose meets practice, and where you can start your journey towards intentional success.

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Where you've seen me...

Life fulfilled is life done intentionally

There is one thing that I absolutely love about social media and that is the power of INFLUENCE. Yes it can be used for bad, but there are so many ways to use it INTENTIONALLY. I believe that every supporter, every post, every encounter is purposed and the more you move with that in mind, the more success will find you. It's succeeding intentionally.

I use my influence to transform lives and encourage the art of collaboration. An influencer, in my humble opinion, is any person no matter if you have 10 followers or 10K followers, that understands an audience should leave your page feeling more inspired than when they came. Definitely follow me on IG @TheMoniqueDavis

My MOST Important JOB ever ever ever! I love being a Mommy. I love being a WIFE. This is definitely portrayed in my coaching style. I believe that the way you treat your family and your home life will always spill over in business. As a matter of fact, if I were not a MOM I probably wouldn't display the compassion that I currently possess because of these two great blessings in my life

I am married to a Social Media Expert who has made me the happiest wife and mother ever. Yes we go through things (like every healthy relationship) but we never go to sleep with what weighed us down during the day. It's apart of being intentional and living an Intentional Lifestyle. Happy Husband & Children, Happy ME.

My first book, 'Respect the Code: Laws for Career Strategies & Code Switching' was written as a career guide but it also was labeled as a "great read" for someone seeking real life experiences that outline strategies to a successful career. This book was a memoir of my mistakes and strategies for you to implement if ever placed in similar situations.

I've been told by many, that this book is a quick reference guide before you walk into an interview and a self-help career coaching session all in one. My prayer is that every obstacle I encountered while in corporate America, was a lesson I went through so that YOU don't have to.

Since leaving Corporate America, I have been blogging and podcasting in various outlets and have my worked published on Forbes.Com.

Success is yours!

What sets me apart is my talent optimization framework. I not only leverage data and technology to identify and recruit potential, but I also create environments where growth, belonging, and success are paramount. My goal is to align individuals with roles that ignite their passion, leading to teams that don’t just join, but stay and make significant contributions beyond their anniversary milestones.

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My Why & My Story

Monique Davis is a force in the world of talent development, career strategy and performance coaching. With a laser focus on helping individuals optimize their professional paths, she expertly guides clients on how to level up in their careers, offering actionable insights tailored to their unique job journeys.

Married to Rashad, a community strategist and founder of a flourishing marketing agency, Monique balances her professional pursuits with a rich family life. She is a dedicated mother of two, navigating the challenges and joys of raising a dynamic teenager and the spirited homeschooler, Zoe.

From her home office, Monique not only manages her family's bustling daily life but also empowers others to achieve career success through her strategic coaching services.


What We Offer For You

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Career Identity and Development

Monique Davis stands at the forefront of career strategy, guiding teams and individuals to peak performance and career fulfillment. With a proven track record of supporting young professionals, Monique has been instrumental in sculpting the paths of now-successful industry leaders. She excels at identifying the precise career trajectory for each client, ensuring their professional journey is not just a job, but a calling.

Her strategic acumen is matched by her ability to optimize team dynamics, fostering environments where talent thrives and collective goals are achieved with efficiency and innovation. Monique's approach is direct: she delivers personalized strategies and support, equipping professionals with the tools to navigate their careers with confidence and clarity.

Talent Optimization

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, Monique's Talent Optimization has emerged as a critical strategy for managers and supervisors committed to developing exceptional teams. This approach goes beyond mere talent acquisition; it's about aligning your team's skills and personalities with the broader objectives of your organization.

Why Talent Optimization?

Enhanced Team Performance: By understanding each team member's strengths and weaknesses, managers can assign roles that play to their employees' natural abilities. This not only boosts individual performance but also elevates the team as a whole.

Improved Employee Engagement: Employees feel more engaged and valued when their talents are recognized and utilized effectively. Talent optimization helps in creating a work environment where each member feels motivated and connected to the company’s goals.

Strategic Decision Making: Data-driven insights into your team's dynamics enable more strategic decision-making. By leveraging behavioral data, you can anticipate challenges and adapt strategies to meet evolving business needs.

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